Submit a Crime Tip

Submit a Crime Tip

  1. Give Anonymous Tips Tip Line 937-683-8047

    Do you have some information about a crime, an outstanding case being investigated by the Preble County Sheriff's Office? Do you know the current whereabouts of an individual wanted for questioning, or know where a wanted person is located? Would you like to give your tip anonymously, without fear or reprisal or retaliation by a suspect? Would you prefer to do a good deed and assist the Sheriff's Office anonymously?

    If so, you can complete the following form to provide us with any information you may have about any case or individual you feel that the Preble County Sheriff's Office should be informed of. Using the web-based Anonymous Tip form, you can provide us with the data and be assured that we are not recording any information that can be used to identify you.

    Please provide any information you would like to share in the form provided.

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