Special Deputies

The Special Deputies are a group of men and women who donate their time to the citizens of Preble County. These hard working individuals purchase their own uniforms, equipment, pay for their own training, only to work many events for which they receive no compensation. These deputies have regular jobs, most in non-law enforcement related fields. Their dedication is often unmatched.

Special Deputies do, however, have the opportunity to work special events and receive compensation for those services. These events include, but are not limited to, the Preble County Fair, Pork Festival, various festivals throughout the county, and many school related and sporting events.

The Special Deputy is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff. Their organization, The Preble County Special Deputy Sheriff's, Inc., is a stand alone incorporated business. The purpose of that corporation is to fund the operational needs of the organizations members.

The Special Deputies organization is made up of about 25 deputies; the number often fluctuates. Four of five of those deputies serve in the position of sergeant, with an assigned squad of deputies he or she supervises.

If you or your organization requires the services of the Special Deputies, please contact Captain Brad Moore who serves as liaison between the Sheriff as this "auxiliary" unit.