Incoming Mail

  1. Your mailing address is:
    Your name as it is written on your wristband
    Preble County Jail
    1139 Preble Drive
    Eaton, Ohio 45320
  2. Mail is delivered to the Jail Monday through Friday, except on holidays. After the mail is processed, it is delivered to you.
  3. All mail is not censored, but is opened and inspected for money orders and contraband. Mail marked "Legal Correspondence" or from your attorney, the Court or a public official such as Probation or Parole Officer, is opened in front of you.
  4. Only mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service is accepted at the Jail. We do not accept notes or letters dropped off for you by friend or family, or given to a staff member for you from another prisoner. You are only permitted five letters, five photographs and five greeting cards in your possession. Therefore, when you receive new mail which contains these items, the excess will be placed in your locker.
  5. If your mail contains money orders, the Jail Account Clerk credits the funds to your Commissary Account. Personal Checks are not acceptable and are placed with your personal property. You are notified in writing when funds are credited to your account or when a check has been put with your property.
  6. If your mail contains items which the Jail does not permit you to have, they will either be placed with your personal property or disposed of in accordance with our contraband policy. Contraband which constitutes a criminal violation may result in charges being filed against the sender.
  7. We deliver to you the legal reference materials and religious publications. You must get special permission to receive through the mail any other books, magazines, parcels or newspapers. Any requests for special permission should be made on a Jail Request form and submitted to your housing unit officer who will forward them to the Jail Administrator for review. Any such items sent to you with out permission are placed with your property.
  8. C.O.D. packages and postage due mail will not be accepted.
  9. Contraband items which will not be given to you include:
    • Photographs or drawings of nude or partially nude persons or photographs or drawings which depict sexual or violent acts
    • Illustrations and or text which shows or describes the manufacture or fabrication of weapons or tools
    • Other items which could be expected to encourage violent or disruptive behavior by you or other prisoners
    • Photographs or drawings show a person in attire which would not be acceptable attire to be worn in public or which shows various stages of undress, such as underwear