Prisoner Reimbursement

Please be advised pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 341.06, sentenced prisoners will be required to reimburse Preble County for any expenses incurred by reason of your confinement in this facility. Expenses may include but are not limited to a room and board fee, which will be on a sliding scale and not exceed $60 a day, actual charges for requested medical and dental treatment and for any property damaged by you while you are confined to this jail.

You will be provided a form so that your ability to pay the above mentioned fees might be determined. Therefore you are required to complete a Financial History Form and return it to the Reimbursement Office immediately. This form can be sent via inter-jail mail (given to a Correction Officer), if you are currently incarcerated or mailed. Failure to fill out this form, or being dishonest in filling it out, will result in the Reimbursement Coordinator setting a room and board fee for you.

Once you become sentenced, you will be charged for every day that you are housed in The Preble County Jail, from the day you were sentenced (not including pre-trial). According to the Preble County Jail policy, your daily room and board fee may be based on your ability to pay and in most cases it will be twice your hourly rate and cannot exceed $52 a day. The room and board fee will not be deducted from your inmate account while you are incarcerated. However, requested medical and dental treatment will be.

You will be notified prior to your release of your financial obligation or you will receive a billing statement after you are released from the Reimbursement Office. If there are any problems with your account, or if you would like further information, please refer to the telephone number indicated on the billing statement. We are willing to work with you in coming up with a repayment plan that is affordable (or a cash settlement if appropriate). Lastly, if you make no effort to pay this obligation, your account may be turned over to a collection agency or pursued in a court at a higher cost to you. For further information, direct all correspondence to the Reimbursement Office.

As of January 6, 1998 any inmate who provides false information or fails to provide information to complete the Financial History Form shall be charged at a daily rate of $32. If you have already been interviewed and refused information, and gave false information, you may fill out a request form to meet with the Reimbursement Coordinator to correct this matter. If you still refuse, the rate of $32 will be your daily rate.