Quantifying the Preble County / Dayton-Cincinnati Region


Preble County, located in the magic triangle of Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Indianapolis, benefits from a continually growing population and workforce base. As the Dayton-Cincinnati region continues to merge, making the region the 15th largest market in the US with a population of more than 3 million spanning 19 counties; This new metroplex that includes the Preble County Region is attractive to a variety of new business given the size of the area, being 1 of only 4 metropolitan areas with access to 2 top-100 airports, and having good access to highways and additional transportation infrastructure.


Preble County’s location offers impressive demographics that are attractive to manufacturing, agricultural investment, retailers and small businesses - take a look below at all that Preble County has to offer!



Preble County is located in Southwest Central Ohio which is in a strategic national location. Dayton is considered in the nation's top "90-minute" air markets, with access to 55 percent of the nation's population and 56 percent of the nation's income and according to the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati is "at the center of North America's largest market." 


Situated in southwest Ohio, Preble County encompasses 424.8 square miles and borders Butler, Montgomery, and Darke counties in Ohio and Wayne County in Indiana. It is centrally located within driving distance of several major metropolitan areas, including Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis. The city of Eaton is the county seat for ten villages and twelve townships.  

While Preble County mainly consists of ready to develop land, it also boasts excellent access to key transportation points by road, rail, and air. Interstate Highway 70, US Route 35 and 40 (National Road), and State Route 122 and 725 cross the county east and west. US Route 127 and State Routes 121, 177, 503, 726, and 732 run north and south. The east fork of the Whitewater River flows into Preble County.

Travel Time To Work
Travel Time To Work Number Percentage (%)
Workers 16 years and over 20,226 100
less than 15 minutes 5,840 28.9
15 to 29 minutes 6,267 31
30 to 44 minutes 3,959 19.6
45 to 59 minutes 2,077 10.3
60 minutes or more 1,430 7.1
work from home 653 3.2
MEAN TRAVEL TIME = 26.7 minutes    

Preble County is indeed located at the "Crossroads of America." Within short driving distance are several major airports, including the Dayton International Airport, the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati International Airport, Columbus Regional Airport and the Indianapolis International Airport. 

The Richmond Municipal Airport is also nearby in Richmond, Indiana. In addition to major airport proximity, Preble County is served by the Norfolk and Southern Railway Company, which operates 21,500 route miles in 22 eastern states.

Workers (16+ years old)
Living in Preble County

    Workers (16+ years old)
Working in Preble County

Commute Out To Number Percent   Commute In From Number Percent
Montgomery Co., OH 4,837 23.9   Montgomery Co., OH 933 7.7
Butler Co., OH 2,575 12.7   Butler Co., OH 588 4.9
Wayne Co., IN 1,499 7.4   Wayne Co., IN 468 3.9
Hamilton Co., OH 388 1.9   Hamilton Co., OH 239 2.0
Warren Co., OH 336 1.7   Warren Co., OH 130 1.1
Darke Co., OH 311 1.5   Darke Co., OH 66 0.5
Greene Co., OH 220 1.1   Greene Co., OH 58 0.5
Miami, Co., OH 182 0.9   Miami, Co., OH 50 0.4
Clark Co., OH 142 0.7   Clark Co., OH 35 0.3
Union Co., OH 50 0.2   Union Co., OH 35 0.3



The cost of home ownership in Preble County Region is one of the lowest of any major metropolitan suburban area in the country for all income levels. 

The median existing home selling price for Preble County is $101,900— more than 48% below the national median home selling price while the Dayton area is $101,600 (48% BNA) and the Cincinnati area is $128,700 (35% BNA).  The Preble County region has affordable homes at all income levels.  That compares to median home prices in other metropolitan areas as listed below.


■ U.S.$196,900 

■ Preble County, OH$101,900

■ Dayton, OH $101,600 

■ Cincinnati OH-KY-IN $128,700


San Francisco, CA $682,400     Philadelphia, PA $214,300 

San Diego, CA  $476,800           Raleigh, NC $199,800 

Los Angeles, CA  $423,100       Minneapolis, MN $197,100 

New York, NY $386,300             Phoenix, AZ $192,700 

Boston, MA $371,300                 Milwaukee, WI $191,300 

Washington, DC $368,000          Chicago, IL $187,100 

Seattle, WA $344,400                 Las Vegas, NV $185,300 

Denver, CO $279,300                  Charlotte, NC-SC $172,500 

Portland, OR $267,500               Nashville, TN $172,000 

Riverside, CA $263,600              Orlando, FL $165,800 

Miami, FL $254,900                    Birmingham, AL $161,700 

Charleston, SC $224,500            Kansas City, MO $154,200 

Austin, TX $220,600                    Tampa, FL $142,400

               (numbers based off of 2015 rates)




Utility costs are always an important factor when considering a new community. As you begin the process of narrowing down your business location in Preble County, we will work to connect you with the local utility companies. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding cost-effective solutions to your energy and utility needs. Just give us a call at 937-456-2757.