Where do I get a copy of a birth certificate or death record?

Preble County birth/death records prior to January 1,1909 are kept on file in the Microfilm Department, 937-456-8122. Birth records after December 20, 1908, and death records after 1927 can be obtained at the Preble County Health Department at:

615 Hillcrest Drive
Eaton, OH 45320
Phone: 937-472-0087

Death certificates from January 1, 1909 through 1927 may be obtained through the Ohio Archives. Residents born in Ohio are able to obtain a copy of their Ohio registered birth abstract at the Preble County General Health District even if they were born outside of Preble County. A birth abstract is a birth certificate that contains no confidential medical information. This new abstract is widely accepted to obtain passports, drivers' licenses, and more. Deaths are recorded in the county in which they occurred, regardless of residence. Burial permits are issued for deaths occurring in any county in Ohio. An alphabetical index of all Preble County births and deaths is available at the Preble County General Health District. Please keep in mind that copies of the original birth certificate and death certificate records can only be obtained for someone who was born or deceased in Preble County. Otherwise, you must contact the county in the state in which the birth or death took place.

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1. Where do I get a copy of a birth certificate or death record?
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